Fresh-baked FARMER'S BREAD, butters & spreads $5

Daily batch of housemade PICKLES $4

Pork-fat PEANUTS, four-spice powder $4

GOURGERES, goat cheese, buttermilk crema $5

PEPPER JAM & CHEESE, pimento cheese, crackers $6

House-cured GRAVLAX, house rye bread, creme fraiche, lemon-parsley salad $10

CHEF'S PLATE, assortment of charcuterie, cheese, pickles & more $14

Root vegetable MINESTRONE, chimichurri $6

SHAVED VEG SALAD, lemon vinaigrette, apple, spicy greens $8

CAULIFLOWER TRIO - roasted, pickled & pureed $10

Roman PORK SAUSAGE, winter greens, polenta, pickled raisins, pecorino $10

LENTIL STEW, roasted mushrooms, parsley salad $14

SHRIMP & GRITS, fennel chow chow $18

Superior WHITEFISH, barley, pickled green tomato, preserved lemon $18

Citrus poached TUNA AND FENNEL SALAD, honey vin, spicy greens, citrus segments $13

Braised PORK CHEEK, green chiles, potato, radish salad $16

Three-day SHORT RIB, carrot puree, confit rutabaga & turnip, pickly gremolata $21

Pickle brine FRIED CHICKEN, cornbread, hot sauce gravy $16
w/ glass of champagne +$3 /  w/ bottle of Miller High Life +$2

SIDES $4 Cauliflower Gratin / Roman-Style Winter Greens (V) / Pecorino Grits

Brown butter and bourbon BANANA BREAD $8

Citrus POLENTA CAKE with orange marmalade $8

Buttermilk pie $8